Welcome to the Truck Buyers Guide

Choosing a small or medium sized truck or commercial vehicle can be a complicated exercise - this guide can help you consider the things you should look at in striving to choose a truck that both suits your needs and provides the best fuel economy. Unlike light vehicles, we do not have the individual fuel consumption data that makes the Green Vehicle Guide possible. Consequently, this guide is not model specific and provides general guidance only.

Making a smart choice can save you fuel and improve your bottom line in a shorter time than you might think. At the same time you can help do something positive for the environment by reducing your fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Will the guide help me?

This guide can be used by anyone operating a commercial vehicle, but has been designed mainly for:

  • Larger businesses operating small rigid trucks (i.e. gross vehicle mass of 3.5 - 12 tonnes)
  • Small businesses who are not in transport specifically, but use a truck as a part of their work (e.g. builders, food wholesalers, furniture removal companies, local councils).

How to use the Guide

The guide is divided into two main sections:

  • A quick Interactive Overview, with a summary of key things to look for when choosing a fuel efficient truck
  • A Step by Step Guide to choosing a fuel efficient small truck, with information that will take you through the truck selection process