Fuel Type

Alternative fuels—where do they fit?

truck body and chassisAll the options you have read about here on the Truck Buyers Guide will help you save money and at the same time help the environment by saving fuel. Less fuel means less pollution.

However, the decision to run your truck on something other than diesel can be a complicated one to make, and will not always provide an economic or environmental benefit together. Some fuels will make your truck cheaper to run, but have more emissions—and vice versa.

It's not always about economy

The decision to take on an alternative fuel truck is not always needed from a commercial point of view. They can provide benefits, depending on what you want from your truck every situation will be different.

All the other measures here in the Truck Buyers Guide will save you money and reduce emissions, regardless of whether or not you use alternative fuels.

The Financial Case

Less is more right? Things you do to make your truck use less fuel will save you money at the bowser. But a different fuel is not as simple. It may cost less to fill up, but conversion/capital costs may be higher and it may use more of the chosen fuel.

There is also the question of rising fuel costs, and whether alternatives will make for a better financial outcome in future. Industry and government policies and global fuel markets may change the situation significantly between this truck purchase and your next one.

However the choice is getting easier. More new trucks are becoming available which run on alternative fuels and drive systems. This ensures your alternative fuelled truck is reliable and factory backed.

The Environmental Case

It isn't always easy being green. Many companies are choosing to run a ‘green’ business, even if costs them a little more in the short run.

There is also a growing trend of consumers choosing green businesses. More and more businesses and consumers are now choosing green business.

In some cases, image can be extremely valuable to your business. Alternatively, you may just want to make the ‘green’ choice for personal reasons.

The environmental benefits of alternative fuels are not always simple to determine. LNG and LPG fuels offer large and undisputed benefits over diesel with regards to particulates and visible pollution. However, things are less clear with CO2 emissions—while relative to diesel they are more likely to be better than worse, the benefits may be relatively small.