What type is right for me?


Manual transmission is the most common type of transmission for trucks of all sizes.

Many trucks have manual transmissions because they are efficient and are able to withstand the stress they encounter when hauling heavy loads. The efficiency advantage is due to the extra energy that is consumed by conventional types of automatic transmission in circulating the transmission fluid, and also because manual transmissions are able to enter fuel "cut-off" mode more regularly than many automatics (which keep the engine turning at all times).


Automatic gearboxes have recently become more popular in small trucks and are particularly well suited for operations including frequent stopping and starting.

In the last couple of years Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) gearboxes have made their way onto the truck market. AMT uses a computer to make gear shifts automatically when the driver changes gear, removing the need for a clutch. This results in better fuel efficiency, as the optimum time for clutch timing is selected by the computer, rather than the driver. They are also more comfortable to use, especially whilst driving in heavy traffic—and drivers that are less stressed use less fuel.