What tyres do I need?

truck bodyTyres help your truck perform safely at its top design speed. They should offer very little rolling resistance and they should be recyclable and relatively easy to dispose of.

Small trucks will often come with pre-specified tyres, but there are alternatives which can save fuel depending on the type of operation, as shown below.

Hot tip: Remember that tyre maintenance is more important than tyre choice for small trucks. A well-maintained tyre operating at the correct pressure will last longer and be more fuel efficient that one which is not.

Low rolling resistance tyres

Low rolling resistance tyres, or ‘super singles’ may be useful if you spend a large amount of time travelling on high speed roads (i.e. 80 km/h and above). Aluminium wheels and low-loss tyres (on trailers especially) can also increase fuel efficiency. Remember to ask your dealer about different tyre patterns and get help to choose the right tyre pattern for you—the more aggressive the tyre pattern, the greater the drag and the more fuel used.

Nitrogen tyres

Most trucks have either tubeless tyres or nitrogen tyres. Traditional designs required a separate inner tube which could fail for several different reasons, such as incorrect tyre fitment. Tubeless tyres do not require an inner tube and are generally safer and more stable compared to traditional pneumatic tyres.

A nitrogen-inflated tyre will keep the recommended tyre pressure for longer than one filled with air, which decreases overall wear and tear. It also keeps the tyre cooler, which reduces drag and keeps the tyre in good working condition for longer.