Step by Step Guide

A Step by Step Guide to Help You

Cheapest to buy is not always cheapest to run! Look at the big picture to get the best out of your truck investment

The upfront cost of a small truck can be less than half of its overall cost when fuel, maintenance and other expenses are considered. Sometimes the least expensive truck can cost the most money in the long run if it uses too much fuel or needs a lot of maintenance. Investing a small amount of time up front to make the right choice can save you money.

Good on fuel, good for the environment

Buying an economical truck is a good result for the environment, but is also good for business. Using less fuel improves your bottom line and can improve the image of your business to your customers.

Getting the right truck

Buying a truck is a lot different to buying a car. While different chassis types, engine sizes and bodies can make it difficult to compare one model with the next, there are some clear steps you can follow to help you make the right choice. The vehicle selection process can be divided into five easy steps:

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